Future Projects DopedUp https://vimeo.com/292825761 Story There’s a drug epidemic in America that no one is talking about. It isn’t cocaine, heroin or methamphetamines. It’s reaching all of us, but it’s hurting our young and old people the most. Instead of coming from dealers on street corners, it’s coming from the prescription pads of doctors. Americans…



Future Projects Blindspot https://vimeo.com/97153542 Story Most of us believe that, despite its dysfunction, we are powerless to change The System. This may be the greatest illusion in humanity’s history, yet we continue to believe it because we’ve lacked the perspective to see through it. Until now. THE BLIND SPOT is a feature documentary to be…


Dancing With Our Shadows

Future Projects Dancing With Our Shadows Story As we rush headlong into the 21st Century, we find ourselves at a perplexing crossroads marked “Gays and Lesbians.” While the feverish campaign to outlaw gay marriage continues, same-sex couples now routinely grace the pages of glossy magazines — and no one flinches when a gay awardwinner thanks…


Freedom Rocks!

Future Projects Freedom Rocks! https://vimeo.com/292638801 Story Going back into history as far as one can go… Within every language, which single word has sparked countless wars and virtually endless struggle? What one word the most sought‐after way of life in the history of humankind? What simple concept has consistently galvanised deep philosophical and ethnic differences…

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