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Most of us believe that, despite its dysfunction, we are powerless to change The System. This may be the greatest illusion in humanity’s history, yet we continue to believe it because we’ve lacked the perspective to see through it. Until now.

THE BLIND SPOT is a feature documentary to be directed by Academy Award nominated filmmaker William Gazecki (WACO: Rules of Engagement) that will expose the hidden truth about power – who has it, how they got it, and why it creates destructive patterns that inevitably lead to collapse.

Reality Check

We forget how and why patterns evolve – we tend to take them for granted, create stories that idolize them, and unconsciously repeat them despite the harm they cause. The film’s narrative will serve as a Wake Up Call to illuminate these patterns, demonstrating that The System is set up to keep power in the hands of the elite, who actually benefit from its dysfunction. Take poverty, for instance – it makes the wealthy even wealthier. Why? One reason is that the poor are less likely to vote, which makes conservative policies easier to pass, which means The System has no incentive to change. This is a blind spot.

Consider this: blue fin tuna sells for $1.5 million. And the scarcer it becomes, the more its worth increases, to the point that we drive the species (and possibly others) to extinction because The System values it more dead than alive. We’ve lost long-term perspective, and our connection to the biosphere. These, too, are blind spots.

You Can’t Change What You Can’t See

In order to dispel the myth of disempowerment, THE BLIND SPOT will expose the true story of power, uncensored by The System (did you know that five corporations own 90% of the world’s communications systems?) This will take us from ancient roots in ecological scarcity and marauding conquerors to fear-based hierarchies and manifest destinies to the manipulation of religion and the subjugation of the feminine. We will trace the rise of “shame and blame” as a tool for control, and reveal the dangers of relying on experts to solve problems.

This will be followed by innovative solutions for collective empowerment from world-renowned visionaries and activists who believe that we as individuals can – and must – change The System. We will practice self-governance with Carolyn Lukensmeyer (AmericaSpeaks) and engage in collaborative management with Peter Senge (System Dynamics). We will decentralize energy with Jeremy Rifkin (The Third Industrial Revolution) and resolve conflicts with Marshall Rosenberg (Center for Nonviolent Communication).

By the end of the film, we will have gained the necessary tools to recognize blind spots, not only in society but also in ourselves. This, combined with practical methods for instigating sustainable change within our communities, will provide a platform from which we can escape the shadow of The System and blossom into a new era of being.

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