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William Gazecki’s career in the entertainment industry embodies a diverse and eclectic mix of talents and skills.


With enough time, talent, training, and successful achievements, eventually you can get exceptionally good at what you do. William Gazecki crossed that threshold quite awhile ago. He has credibility (and the successes to show it), the trust of his peers and employers, and he always delivers. “Finishing”, Gazecki says, “is way more important than starting or conceiving of the film. In documentary filmmaking, where unpredictability is the normal order of the day, sometimes- when in the middle of it, when you can’t tell where you started from anymore, or how in the world you’ll ever make sense of it all and actually deliver a completed film- with credits, color-correction and sound mix… not to mention release forms, archival footage licenses, and cleared E&O Insurance- can seem preposterous. How it ever gets done is akin to how babies are born. It’s way more challenging than most think, it inevitably *must* get done (or else!), requires fearlessness and an irrevocable commitment to deliver… and sometimes just faith that there is something in this universe that can create magic. Such is the risk that every bona fide documentary filmmaker takes with pretty much every project they accept.”


My work is the focus of my life. And my focus in my work has always been on the human condition — situations and circumstances either caused by humans or that affect humans, or having to do with humans associating with each other.

What I am motivated to do is to find and articulate problems and solutions. That’s what keeps me going. I also have a propensity for objectivity and for taking practical, pragmatic approaches towards real problems with real solutions.

My basic approach from the very beginning has been to try and be as comprehensive as possible in my worldview. In striving to see the bigger picture, my hope is to afford myself opportunities to gain insight, and make effective, well considered choices (i.e. which films to make). The most important factor to me is “impact” — how much impact can my films have, and over what aspects of life, and over what period of time?

“I’m interested in…creating…documentary films that are ‘entertaining,’…that inspire people to want to pay attention. They inspire people to want to know more or to want to feel more included in sort of the overall process of life.”

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William with his son, Sam.

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