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My work is the focus of my life. And my focus in my work has always been on the human condition — situations and circumstances either caused by humans or that affect humans, or having to do with humans associating with each other. 

What I am motivated to do is to find and articulate problems and solutions. That’s what keeps me going. I also have a propensity for objectivity and for taking practical, pragmatic approaches towards real problems with real solutions.

My basic approach from the very beginning has been to try and be as comprehensive as possible in my worldview. In striving to see the bigger picture, my hope is to afford myself opportunities to gain insight, and make effective, well considered choices (i.e. which films to make). The most important factor to me is “impact” — how much impact can my films have, and over what aspects of life, and over what period of time?

In looking to define where it is that I want to put my effort, I have found that looking at the world in its entirety is just too amorphous. As it is, the whole world is too vast, complex, subtle and overwhelming to approach in its entirety. Yet I cannot resist the notion of a worldview that accounts for the grand inter-relatedness of all that is. We humans are but bipedal hominids with opposing thumbs and clever minds — toolmakers and builders with a penchant for technology and power. We are also endlessly curious and persistently evolving.

Today we stand at the doorstep of engaging the universe on many levels, be it space travel, time travel, genetics, nanotechnology or quantum energy. Technologically we are on the brink of cracking the code of reality itself.

And yet we do not care for our environment, we cannot feed ourselves, and we do not yet know how to get along with each other (personally as well as internationally). These conundrums are meaningful in both the devastation, and the enlightenment, they may portend.

Door #1: The Inner World
The Inner World is our internal experience. It is the world of our bodies and our minds. It is the world that we know for ourselves and within ourselves. The Inner World is each person’s “personal space”. It is our sense of self, and it is the starting point of our overall world-view. It is our senses, our self-awareness, and our self-development. It is also the condition and health of our bodies and it is the relationship of our minds to our bodies. Part of our Inner World is our close, intimate relationships — our families and loved ones — those near at hand, with whom we travel through life.

Films or videos I have made that fit within this category are the Discovering Chi series, and the Healthy Living with Jane Seymour series. A film I am currently working on in this category is Journey which explores the nature of consciousness and the historic use of psychotropic plants in tribal cultures and modern society.

Door #2: The Outer World
I define the “outer world” as the social sphere an individual exists within. It is the world of our friends and neighbors, our towns and communities, our jobs and vocations. The outer world is the world we see and touch directly. It is the ordinary part of society we deal with and relate to every day — everything we know ourselves to be a part of, such as clubs and organizations, businesses, recreation and leisure activities, etc. Each person’s Outer World includes their possessions, their immediate environment and their physical location. What’s important about the Outer World is that, as in the Inner world, it is something we have direct contact with and some degree of practical influence within.

Films I have done that represent this world are Reckless Indifference and Invisible Ballots. A film I am currently working on that belongs in this category is Mentoring.

Door #3: The Greater World
The Greater World is everything in-between a local and a planetary-based focus. The Greater World is all that is larger than the everyday world we can interact with directly. It is the regions, states, nations and hemispheres of the globe. The Greater World includes the larger social mechanisms of society — the cultures and socio-economic stratifications, the macro social domains of religion, multi-national corporations, and large, structured societies. The Greater World also includes everything surrounding the physical planet — the solar system, the universe, and whatever else is out there.

Films I have made that fall into this category are The Natural Solutions, WACO: The Rules of Engagement, and Invisible Ballots. Some films I am currently making at this level are: The History of the Screen Actors Guild, Energy from the Vacuum, Future by Design and God’s Work: The Orphans of Duplessis.

Door #4: The Other World
The “Other World” is the world beyond our basic senses and regular mental and physical perceptions. It is the world that defies explanation. The Other World is the world of synchronicity and indefinable phenomena. It is the world of beliefs, of imagination, and of paranormal anomalies. The Other World is a tangible experience, yet unreal in practical terms. It can be the world of psychosis, insanity and delusion. It is where space and time bend, and where the physical meets with the ephemeral. It is the world of the UFO, and of the mass unconscious. It is the world of spiritual familiarity.

A film I have made that is a part of The Other World is Crop Circles: Quest for Truth.

With my work I have no particular goal in mind, other than the minimizing of pain and suffering, and the heightening of human ability and expression. I look at what I am doing as a cumulative Gestalt process. For myself, as a person and as an artist, the last puzzle piece will fall into place at the end of my career. My hope is that I will have created a body of work that people find both meaningful and helpful in their quest for greater understanding of these Worlds we all find ourselves in.

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