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Hollywood’s preeminent enteraintment rag, Vairety, announced today that Sobini Films & William Gazecki have teamed up to make a film on the prescription drug industry, “Doped Up”. The film will feature Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Linda Steele — an outspoken critic of the rampant over-prescription of anti-depressants & other psychoactive drugs in our society. Why do we feel we must live in “Pleasantville” — avoiding such common emotions as grief and sadness? The film will not demonize these drugs — scientific advancements have done amazing things to bring the truly depressed, bipolar and others to greater health and well being. Dr. Steele will confront what she feels is a sytem gone entirely off-kilter, with doctors and patients being sold drugs directly — either by slick, good-looking drug reps, television ads and other unscrupulous means. Recent high-profit celebrity deaths have brought focus onto this issue, but it is not just celebrities that are dying. As Dr. Steele recently told William, “I don’t want any more people to die from these drugs — especially young people.”

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