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sophie (23K)

Currently, William is directing and co-producing "The Outrageous Sophie Tucker" -- a documentary on the life of flamboyant Vaudeville and Burlesque star of the Roaring 20s, Sophie Tucker. Tucker infatuated audiences with her bold, bawdy and brassy style unlike any other performer of the time. "In her day, Sophie was as provocative as you could get, yet the public flocked to see her like no other," say co-producers Sue & Lloyd Ecker.

"Onstage," says Gazecki, "Sophie painted a humorous and likeable picture of oversized womanhood, marriage, sexuality and pleasure that went way beyond acceptable norms -- even for the Roaring 20s. Sophie was the rage on stage and her controversial shows made her a true trailblazer for many of today's superstar performers including Madonna, Cher and Bette Midler."

Hundreds of startling, humorous and inspiring stories will be integrated into the film including those of Tony Bennett, Barbara Walters, Carol Channing and many others who worked with and loved her.

For more on Sophie Tucker, visit Sue & Lloyd Ecker's website: