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Behind the Masks:
The Story of the Screen Actors Guild
  Preview    Trailer

Future by Design
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Crop Circles: Quest for Truth
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Reckless Indifference
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Waco: The Rules of Engagement
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Show Me the Way
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Invisible Ballots
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Randall Libero, Spirit of Film Audio Interview
The Conversation     Download MP3

Indie Slate Article
From the Pro File: William Gazecki

Truth in Cinema
William Gazecki, The Interview
part 1, the truth and a pile of facts
part 2, films of personal commitment

Information to young people on their decision-making process
TV Cameraman

Breaking into Documentary Filmmaking

William Gazecki Under Fire
A Dog Pile Profile: William Gazecki

The DIY Reporter: Do it Yourself in Film, Music & Books
Documenting a Bumper Crop