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The Calling
Co-Produced with Barbara Altemus (author, "The Gift of Pain"), The Calling follows a mother and her teenage daughter as their calling and journey take them across the globe meeting with elders and visionaries of our time in search of wisdom and solutions to our individual and planetary challenges. Watch the Concept Video

Freedom Rocks!
At the intersection of music and politics, "Freedom Rocks!" is a documentary feature film that tells the stories of musicians from around the world who found themselves confronted with a situation they could not abide and the songs they wrote to shine a light on the problem. Some artists gave voice to the tragedy and were celebrated. Others not only gave their voices, they gave their lives. Looking at musicians from Argentina to Zimbabwe, as well as the many themes that protest music has addressed, the constant thru-line in the film is the personal stories of the singer/songwriter - the people who made politics personal and thru their songs helped change the world. Watch the Concept Video